PIC®337: Heavyweight Champ

The PIC®337 is the market leader in profitability and feed efficiency. He sires high-quality, full-value pigs that perform on your farm and at the plant. As the top terminal composite sire in the market, his superior genetic merit means more profitability for you.

PIC®337 progeny achieve unmatched feed conversion, while delivering superior growth rates and outstanding robustness, requiring fewer inputs and leading to a dominant economic advantage.

This graph shows that PIC®337 offspring consistently deliver economic advantages of up to $5.96 over competitor progeny.

1ES122. This trial was conducted with PRRS positive pigs. 2ES126, 3ES150, 4ES144.
**Calculated assuming a fixed-time marketing strategy without carcass premium. Values measured net margins above feed and housing costs per pig placed.

Superior growth and feed efficiency

The PIC®337 shows strong and continuous improvement in growth rate and feed efficiency, both key drivers of profitability.

aPIC®337 performance data 2018-2022
bU.S. National Pork Board Industry Productivity Analysis. Adjusted Wean-to-Finish Results for 2018-2022

Accelerating genetic improvement

We’re committed to accelerating genetic improvement and dissemination through innovation. PIC drives genetic gain in the PIC®337 at its Elite Farms, which impacts traits such as growth and robustness that directly impact profitability.

a. PIC data, 2017-2022.

Genetics supported by world-leading technical expertise

PIC provides tools, expertise and support to maximize your herd’s performance. Learn more from these resources on maximizing a PIC animal’s genetic potential.

Through innovative research and commitment to customers, PIC has never stopped improving our genetic offerings and never will. Producers can be confident the PIC®337 offers tangible economic advantages now and in the future as genetic improvement continues.