PIC ProSelect

ProSelect is PIC’s comprehensive certification program for PIC selection officers and partner multiplier selection officers.   This program provides clear standards, robust training, and continuous re-certification, all designed to ensure consistency across the PIC production system.  PIC supplies genetically improved breeding stock while upholding phenotypic standards to ensure our pigs can withstand the rigors of production.  Our customers can expect all PIC animals to meet the quality standards outlined through ProSelect. 

ProSelect ensures that our customers receive a quality product that both they and PIC can be proud of. 

ProSelect Resources

Gilt Selection Manual

ProSelect Loading Checklist

Videos (English)

ProSelect On Farm Training Reference

Videos (Spanish)

ProSelect Selection Overview PDF

If your production system would be interested in having a ProSelect trainer visit your site(s) to conduct training, please contact your PIC representative or inquire below: