Employee Training Resources

Resources & Tools to Maximize Genetic Potential

Many new farm employees come to a pig farm with little, if any, livestock experience. They may not have the context to understand why tasks should be completed or how they should be completed to maximize genetic potential.

Below are resources to supplement current on-farm training programs for new or existing employees on PIC management best practices. These resources support on-farm employees in both farrowing and wean-to-finish farms.  

It’s important to provide tools in multiple formats to meet the learning needs of employees. We’ve broken down PIC management best practices into videos, interactive tools and short articles for easier understanding. GrowQuest and Reproduction Resource Center interactive digital tools are useful for employees to see how each task connects to the big picture, why a task is important, and how each task impacts animals.    Videos visually explain how to execute tasks with ease.

Share these resources with your employees to help them better implement management practices to drive efficiency and performance on your farm.

Wean-to-Finish Resources

GrowQuest digital tool
Spanish Wean to Finish Guidelines
English Wean to Finish Guidelines
Feed Conversion Rate fact sheet
Wean-to-Finish Training Videos
Full Value Pigs (FVP) fact sheet

Reproduction Resources

Gilt & Sow Management Guidelines
PIC 1000-day breeding calendar
Gilt & Sow Management Guidelines
Reproduction training videos
ProConnect Reproduction Resource Center
Reproduction training videos

Biosecurity Resources

BioShield Standards
Biosecurity Training Videos – English
Biosecurity Training Videos – Spanish

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