ProConnect: Making it easy to access pork production technical support

Business communications include more ways to connect than ever before, but that doesn’t mean they all work for you and your operation. That’s why PIC developed ProConnect – technical support in a blend of strategies and tactics tailored to your specific needs.

Our job is to understand your pork production goals and help you achieve them. We listen, discuss and share knowledge and resources to get the most value from your genetic investment.

PIC's ProConnect resource logo of a pig within a message bubble.

How PIC can help

We’ve assembled a 100+ member global technical support team with expertise across all areas of pork production, and we offer a variety of technical resources, including comprehensive manuals, interactive decision-making tools, technical articles and podcasts. These tools have been developed for both face-to-face and virtual settings.

• Customer site visits
• Pork production system reviews
• Troubleshooting
• Pig performance data review and analysis
• Remote tools
• Training videos
• Webinars
• Guidelines and materials
• Pork production benchmarking
• And more!

Swine genetics management technical support

More than 25 geneticists support on-farm genetic programs and implementation to reduce genetic lag for consistent performance and a positive pork production experience. Industry-leading gilt multiplication and boar stud management along with on-farm genetic program implementation drive realized genetic gains.

Barn employees checking data on sows in farrowing stalls.
Pigs nursing Camborough® dam in a farrowing stall.

Swine reproduction technical support

Our male and female swine reproduction teams develop and support best practice implementation in sow farms and boar studs to achieve the highest level of swine genetic success. Leverage our team and resources to reach your production goals.

Technical support for wean-to-finish pigs

When pigs enter the wean-to-finish barn, the goal is to get them to market as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The PIC wean-to-finish team breaks the wean-to-finish process into four focus areas: quality weaned pig, health, nutrition and marketing strategy. The team has developed tools and resources to support you during every turn, including the PIC wean-to-finish manual in English and Spanish.

Young pigs on clean slatted flooring
Barn employee checking a feeder.

Swine nutrition technical support

Nutrition is one of the essential components to realizing swine genetic potential. The PIC nutrition team is committed to helping you find and deliver the best-cost nutritional support for your commercial pork production system to reach your goals.

Applied meat science

Each step along the pork production chain impacts pork quality. Managing the unique factors at your step will help you maximize carcass value and pork quality. Our team is here to help with in-house and collaborative research and experiences auditing and analyzing pork processing facilities to support producers and processors.

Hands picking up a fresh cut of pork.

Swine health and biosecurity

The best way to protect your swine genetic investment is to keep your pigs safe and healthy. The PIC swine health and biosecurity team has worked with customers, stakeholders and industry experts to review and reformulate swine biosecurity standards to reflect the pork industry’s ever-changing landscape of health challenges. The team can help secure:

  • Swine facilities, including buildings, ventilation, pest-management practices and water sources
  • Live animal handling and swine semen handling
  • People, including employees and visitors
  • Feed, transportation, manure management and collection and removal of carcasses