PIC Swine Biosecurity Standards Manual

PIC’s swine biosecurity philosophy is based on science, experience and developing protocols that can be implemented feasibly in production facilities. The PIC Swine Biosecurity Standards Manual was developed for PIC multiplication units and gene transfer centers, although the downloadable manual can be useful for anyone working in pork production facilities.

Enhance swine biosecurity practices

The PIC Health and Biosecurity Team has worked with customers, stakeholders and industry experts to review and reformulate swine biosecurity standards to reflect the pork industry’s ever-changing landscape of health challenges. The manual includes research-based recommendations for implementing swine biosecurity practices in:

  • Swine facilities, including buildings, ventilation, pest-management practices and water sources
  • Live animal handling and swine semen handling
  • People, including employees and visitors
  • Feed, transportation, manure management and collection and removal of carcasses

Click below to read or download the PIC Swine Biosecurity Standards Manual.