Selection Videos

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PIC Gilt Selection – Isowean Video

Isoweans offer producers the flexibility of taking in animals at a young age and size to fit in to their system to help accommodate health, isolation and acclimatization issues that may or may not exist in a producer’s system. This video provides you with the guidelines to select Isowean Animals.

PIC Gilt Selection – Breeder Weaner Light video

Breeder weaner light are selected with the understanding that they will be re-selected as a mature breeding animal. While breeder weaner lights will not receive the same scrutiny as regular selects, this video provides you with the basic criteria of selecting breeder weaner lights.

PIC Gilt Selection – Select Gilts video

Gilt selection is one of the vital steps in providing a production system with quality replacement animals. The purpose of gilt selection is to evaluate gilts according to PIC quality standards. This video provides you with a series of guidelines which must be followed in selecting gilts.