The PIC®800: A Superior Duroc Sire

PIC®800 connects the dots and turns genetic improvement into superior, predictable results. He is a Duroc sire whose offspring are vigorous in pre-weaning and start strong in the nursery. These characteristics support higher piglet survivability and more full value pigs and deliver an economic advantage to the farm or pork operation.

Make it a reality in your operation

  • Robustness – 1.5% more full value pigs[1]
  • Growth: 0.02 lb to 0.09 lb greater average daily gain[2]
  • Feed efficiency: Up to 0.14 improvement in F:G2
  • Economic advantage: $2.14 to $9.06 per pig2

PIC continues to invest in the PIC®800 to ensure producers can meet the growing demand for quality Duroc meat. PIC recently conducted a large-scale trial in partnership with a U.S. pork integrator to compare the robustness of offspring sired by PIC®800 against a commercial U.S. competitor Duroc boar. The trial outcomes validate that PIC®800 delivers superior survivability and more full value pigs in commercial settings, leading to a significant economic advantage.

Talk to your PIC representative or see additional details about the benefits PIC®800 could bring to your farm or operation.

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[2] ES 124, ES 133, ES 147, ES 150, ES 144, ES 154, ES 170