PIC Launches New Wean-to-Finish Digital Tool

PIC is excited to announce the development and availability of a new wean-to-finish tool, GrowQuest. The free tool provides recommendations for operations on the five cornerstones of wean-to-finish productivity to help producers improve feed efficiency, increase growth rate, and ultimately achieve more full value pigs. In three clicks or less, users will have access to the wean-to-finish information they’re seeking.

The PIC Wean-to-Finish team has recently added one cornerstone to the base of our four cornerstones: Pig Husbandry. This cornerstone addresses many factors related to human decisions in raising wean-to-finish pigs.

The five cornerstones of wean-to-finsish productivity identified in the tool are:

  1. Quality Weaned Pig 
  2. Nutrient Intake
  3. Health Status
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Pig Husbandry

The cornerstones are listed on the tool’s home page, along with the topics impacting each. Once a cornerstone is selected, multiple recommendations are available. Additionally, you will have access to more detailed information about the recommendations as well as links to various source materials, including:

  • PIC Wean-to-Finish guidelines
  • Podcasts
  • Recent journal publications

GrowQuest is desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly for easy access from anywhere. The pages are downloadable and printable effortless sharing.

Guidelines & manuals now in digital format

Additionally, PIC manuals are transitioning to a digital format for simplified searching and scrolling. Over the next few months, these improved resources will be available. Currently available in the new format are: