Importance of a Free-Flowing Quality Water Supply – Episode 19

13-minute listen

The Squeal 0019 – Nutrient Access / Availability, Part 3: Ensuring A Free-flowing And Optimum Quality Water Supply The Squeal

Pigs need free access to plenty of high-quality water to maximize health, enhance growth and feed efficiency and handle environmental challenges like heat stress. This episode of The Squeal focuses on how – and why – to ensure a free-flowing and optimum quality water supply for pigs of all ages.

During the podcast, experts Ben Haberl, Iowa Select Farms director of feed and nutrition; Ilia Zubtsov, PIC technical consultant for Ukraine, Russia, and part of Asia; Nat Stas, PIC wean-to-finish technical services, and Wayne Cast, PIC nutritionist, share their knowledge and experiences in achieving optimum water quality and intake quantity.