Møllevang and PIC Enter into a Strategic Relationship

Published on National Hog Farmer

Møllevang, one of Denmark’s leading pig breeding companies, and PIC, the global leader in swine genetics, announces that effective today, the two companies have entered into a strategic relationship. The strategic relationship was announced in November, and all closing conditions have now been fulfilled. The relationship combines PIC’s and Møllevang’s complementary supply chains, sales and marketing infrastructure, and genetics for the benefit of pig producers globally.

The combination of Møllevang and PIC further differentiates the offering to pig producers. PIC and Møllevang will invest in their supply and sales infrastructure in order to ensure that producers in Denmark have access to PIC products, such as its leading PIC408 Pietrain. PIC will also offer producers in various geographies outside Denmark access to Møllevang products. The Møllevang nucleus and multiplication farms will further strengthen the availability of breeding stock in Europe.

Consistent with past practice, Møllevang and PIC will focus on further acceleration of the rate of genetic improvement. Genetic gain can be accomplished by expanding population size and genetic diversity, investing in data capture to increase selection accuracy, and reducing the generation interval. The relationship provides the parties with expanded opportunities to accelerate product improvement.

Lastly, Danish producers will benefit from PIC’s expertise in genetic improvement and services focused on maximizing value for pig producers. Møllevang will be the exclusive distributor of PIC products in Denmark and Møllevang customers will have access to PIC’s global technical services team that supports producers in realizing the genetic potential on their farms.

“This is an exciting moment for Møllevang,” says Niels Pedersen, CEO of Møllevang. “PIC’s technological leadership and global scale is a complementary fit for Møllevang. Together, we can offer our customers access to the highest quality breeding stock and technical services.”

Bill Christianson, COO of PIC adds, “We look forward to work with Møllevang to grow our presence in Denmark, strengthen the supply chain, and further accelerate genetic gain to make the world’s best pig. Our goal is to make PIC and Møllevang customers the most successful producers in the world.”

Møllevang is a pig breeding company based in Denmark. Since 2000, Møllevang has focused on multiplication of Landrace, Large White and Duroc pure line populations and expanded into nucleus production in 2002. Since July 1, 2017, Møllevang has operated independently, selling high-quality breeding stock to producers in Europe and beyond. For more information, visit Møllevang.dk.

PIC (Pig Improvement Co.) is the global leader in swine genetics. PIC provides genetically superior breeding stock to pig producers and supports with technical services to help them realize the genetic potential. PIC is a subsidiary of Genus, a United Kingdom-based company that has as its vision to pioneer animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world. For more information, visit PIC.com.