PIC Total Carcass Value Handbook – Applied Meats Manual

No matter the pork segment you’re involved in, the pork consumer is the ultimate customer. Giving the consumer a positive eating experience benefits every pork producer.

Pork processing and meat quality

This PIC Total Carcass Value Handbook, also referred to as the PIC Applied Meats Manual, includes information to add value to pork along every aspect of the supply chain, including live production, transportation and slaughter. The PIC Applied Meats team worked with industry professionals and academia to create the manual, which encompasses research findings and industry standards regarding meat quality in pork production and pork processing.

The manual includes guidelines about:

  • Carcass composition
  • Pork lean quality
  • Pork fat quality
  • Sex effects on quality
  • Production and processing management tactics to improve pork carcass quality

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