Benchmarking Brings Plenty of Benefits

Benchmarking on the Sow Farm – The Squeal Podcast Episode 141

15-minute listen

The Squeal 0141 – Benchmarking On The Sow Farm The Squeal

This episode answers:

  • What is sow farm benchmarking and how can you use it?
  • What are different ways you can use benchmarking?
  • Why should you bother with keeping all these records?
  • What type of records should you be comparing?
  • How will benchmarking help your operation?

Using a benchmarking program has proved to be very efficient in wean to finish and sow operations. Collecting farm data and comparing those results to other operations can be incredibly beneficial. In this episode of The Squeal, Dr. Carlos Roudergue with Country View Family Farms; Dr. Juan Carlos Pinilla, PIC director of global technical services; and Greg Bilbrey, PIC account manager, discuss how sow farm benchmarking can benefit your operation, today and into the future.

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