Early Pig Care, Part 1: Getting the Right Pigs in the Right Place at the Right Time

30-minute listen

The Squeal 0194 – Early Pig Care, Part 1: Getting The Right Pigs In The Right Place At The Right Time The Squeal

The Squeal continues its focus on practical production information. Weaning is a significant part in a pig’s life, so it is important to ensure weaned pigs are comfortable and placed in the correct environment. This episode series looks at early pig care with an expert panel including Mandy Gerhart, a Swine Nutritionist for JBS Live Pork, Isaiah Spath, Sr. Validation Specialist & Wean-Finish Technical Services at PIC, and Gary Godoy, Wean to Finish with Sandy Pine Systems, Inc. The conversation focuses on getting the right pigs in the right place at the right time.