4 Pillars of Sow Longevity: Genetics – The Squeal 0177

22-minute listen

The Squeal 0177 – 4 Pillars of Sow Longevity, Part 1: Genetics The Squeal

There is no doubt that sow herds across the globe have seen substantial increases in sow mortality over the last 5 to 10 years. PIC, along with other industry and academic partners have invested time and resources to better understand this important issue the swine industry is facing. A team of our Technical Services representatives have collected and analyzed data and experiences from the past few years to determine a few areas of concentration for this topic. We are calling these focus areas the “4 Pillars of Sow Robustness.” We believe these four pillars will have a strong impact maintaining a robust sow herd for our customers and the swine industry. The four pillars are: Genetics, Successful P1 Development, Sow Care, and Sow Body Condition and Feeding. On this episode of The Squeal, we have Dan Hamilton (PIC Global Director of Product Performance) moderating the conversation between Dr. Justin Holl (PIC Global Product Development) and Dr. Saskia Bloemhof (PIC Genetic Services Manager) on the role that genetics play in this industry issue.