Pre-Weaning Management and Piglet Care: Part 2 —The Squeal Podcast Episode 164

18-minute listen

The Squeal 0164 – Pre-weaning Management, Part 2: Pre-Wean Mortality The Squeal

This episode answers:

  • How do you ensure every piglet gets a belly full of colostrum?
  • How do you get around bottlenecks to ensure pig colostrum access and intake?
  • How do you know when you’re at the right level of fostering piglets?
  • How do you decide which piglets need fostering?
  • How many litters is the right number for one person to be looking after?

A common goal of many production systems is to wean the highest number of piglets to advance to the next stage of the growing process. On this episode of The Squeal, Jesus Melendez, Carthage system production manager; Dr. Sergio Canavate, PIC technical service director; and Brie Quick, PIC technical services manager, discuss training and implementation tips for piglet care to help decrease the number of pre-wean mortalities.

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