Improve Piglet Care for Later Success

Pre-Weaning Management, Part 1: Piglet Care – The Squeal Podcast Episode 163

21-minute listen

The Squeal 0163 – Pre-weaning Management, Part 1: Piglet Care The Squeal

This episode answers:

  • Why is pre-weaning mortality in pigs trending higher?
  • Where do you start to address pre-weaning mortality in pigs?
  • How does genetic selection play into piglet care and health?
  • How do you select and train the people who will do this important caregiving?

The first days of a piglet’s life are crucial to success. It’s critical to review the importance of proper piglet care with barn staff regularly. On this episode of The Squeal, Dr. Sergio Canavate, PIC technical services director; Brie Quick, PIC technical services manager; and Jesus Melendez, Carthage system production manager, discuss the key management practices of piglet care before weaning. The group shares what practices should be performed, when they should take place and which pigs should receive extra care.

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