Quality Weaned Pig: Management and Husbandry Practices – Episode 92

18-minute listen

The Squeal 0092 – Quality Weaned Pig, Part 3: Management, Husbandry Practices, And General Health Issues The Squeal

Part III of III: Pigs perform the best when they are properly cared for. This episode of The Squeal discusses recommendations for good management practices in wean to finish operations. The experts also share animal husbandry best practices while mentioning general health issues that appear in wean to finish operations.

Ben Keeble, Sunterra Farms VP of US Operations; Dr. Steve Dritz, PIC Director of Global Technical Services; Dr. Will Lopez, PIC Technical Services Specialist; and Dr. Deanne Hemker, PIC Health Assurance Veterinarian join us to discuss their experiences and suggestions for proper animal care and management.

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