Quality Weaned Pig: Impact of Good Biosecurity Protocols – Episode 91

18-minute listen

The Squeal 0091 – Quality Weaned Pig, Part 2: Impact Of Good Biosecurity Protocols The Squeal

Part II of III: Keeping pigs healthy is a top priority to produce high-quality market pigs. Healthy pigs start with practicing strong biosecurity at the farm to ensure the disease is not spread. This episode of The Squeal focuses on how to ensure your farm is following proper biosecurity standards and why it is important to follow certain guidelines.

Ben Keeble, Sunterra Farms VP of US Operations; Dr. Steve Dritz, PIC Director of Global Technical Services; Dr. Will Lopez, PIC Technical Services Specialist; and Dr. Deanne Hemker, PIC Health Assurance Veterinarian join us to discuss their experiences and the impact that good biosecurity will have on a herd, from beginning to end of the growing cycle.