Retaining Barn Staff: Retention, Tools, and Compensation – Episode 87

15-minute listen

The Squeal 0087 – Retaining Barn Staff, Part 1: Retention, Tools, And Compensation The Squeal

Part I of III: Finding reliable labor is a significant challenge for pork producers. Although there isn’t a clear solution to the problem, some helpful suggestions are offered in this episode of The Squeal. Our guests discuss the tools that are available, both within PIC, and for external use to retain barn staff. 

Ashley Hengen, PIC Senior Human Resources Generalist; Stacey Voight, PIC Technical Service Manager – Swine Reproduction; and Valerie Duttlinger, Summit SmartFarms Chief Analytics Officer & Executive Coach share the resources that are available to help retain barn employees and how to compensate them for their time and dedication to the animals.