Wean to Finish Feeding: Manual Updates, Vitamins, Minerals, and Tools – Episode 74

18-minute listen

The Squeal 0074 – Wean To Finish Feeding, Part 3: Vitamins, Trace Minerals, And Tools, PIC W2F Nutrition Manual Updates The Squeal

Part III of III: The PIC Nutrition Guidelines were updated in 2021 to provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information. This episode of The Squeal specifically covers the vitamins and trace minerals that are recommended in a Wean to Finish operation.

Dr. Uislei Orlando, PIC Global Nutrition Programs Director; Dr. Carine Vier, PIC Nutrition Specialist; Dr. Ning Lu, PIC Nutrition Specialist; Wayne Cast, PIC Nutritionist; Fernando Gomez, PIC Wean to Finish Specialist discuss the tools that are available for proper nutrition in a wean to finish operation.