Wean to Finish Feeding: Recommendations and Nutrition Updates – Episode 72

22-minute listen

The Squeal 0072 – Wean To Finish Feeding, Part 1: Recommendations And PIC W2F Nutrition Manual Updates The Squeal

Part I of III: The PIC Nutrition Guidelines were updated in 2021 to provide customers with the most accurate and up to date information. This episode of The Squeal specifically covers the changes that were made to the Nutrition Guidelines and recommendations for a successful Wean to Finish system.

Dr. Uislei Orlando, PIC Global Nutrition Programs Director; Dr. Carine Vier, PIC Nutrition Specialist; Dr. Ning Lu, PIC Nutrition Specialist; Wayne Cast, PIC Nutritionist; Fernando Gomez, PIC Wean to Finish Specialist discuss the tools that are available for proper nutrition in a wean to finish operation.