Nursery Pig Feed Presentation and Management – Episode 21

17-minute listen

The Squeal 0021 – Nursery Pig Nutrition, Part 2: Feed Presentation and Feed Management Issues The Squeal

Part II of II: Successful nursery pig management hinges on how well you address feed presentation and feed management. This episode of The Squeal examines how to help newly weaned pigs get to feed, how to encourage them to consume feed and water and how to ensure feed bins are set up correctly.

Get the latest solutions to these challenges from Kyle Coble, JBS Live Pork; Amanda Gerhart, JBS Live Pork; Wayne Cast, PIC nutritionist, and Isaiah Spath, PIC product validation and wean-to-finish technical services. Learn more about the importance of good stockmanship and the “why” behind taking the extra step in animal care.