ProConnect Reproduction Training Videos – English

ProConnect Video 1 | Comprehensive Neonatal Care – Part 1: Piglet Perspective

This is the first part of the two-part series on comprehensive neonatal care. In this video, PIC technical experts focus on the piglet’s perspective and look at the practicalities in keeping the piglet warm, dry, and safe.

ProConnect Video 2 | Comprehensive Neonatal Care – Part 2: Sow Perspective

This is the second part of the two-part series on comprehensive neonatal care. In this video, PIC technical experts focus on the sow perspective and look at proper set-up and how to best assist in the farrowing room.

ProConnect Video 3 | Understanding the Signs of Estrus

Understanding signs of estrus is critical when breeding. This video walks through the chronological signs associated with estrus and can be used in conjunction with PIC’s “Successful Heat Detection in Gilts and Sows” resource.

ProConnect Video 4 | Post Cervical Artificial Insemination in Sows

Post cervical artificial insemination (PCAI) can be a beneficial practice to use when breeding a sow herd. In this video, PIC technical experts share management considerations, the best techniques to use and non-negotiables to know when using PCAI.

ProConnect Video 5 | PCAI in Sows – Insemination Technique Trouble Shooting

PIC technical experts provide support to help troubleshoot any challenges that may come up when using post cervical artificial insemination in sows.

ProConnect Video 6 | Conventional Artificial Insemination

This video shares management considerations when using conventional artificial insemination. PIC technical support experts also share the importance of boar power and how that impacts heat checking.

ProConnect Video 7 | Farrowing Room Preparation – Cleaning, Disinfection and Set-Up

Before farrowing, it is important to make sure the room is set up properly. This video reviews the best practices for cleaning the room as well as preparing feeders, drinkers, mats, heat sources, and fans.

ProConnect Video 8 | Body Condition Management Practicalities

There are numerous key areas in body condition management that lead to successful breeding programs. Our PIC technical experts share the best way to make breeding choices, how to do a body condition assessment and why feeders should be adjusted based on the female’s body condition.

ProConnect Video 9 | Maximizing Individual Feed Intake in Lactating Sows

To ensure piglets get the right start, the sow must be properly cared for. This video walks through the steps leading up to farrowing, how to manage individual feed intake and what to watch for in compromised females.

ProConnect Video 10 | Cross Fostering Fall Behind Nurse Sows

This video explains cross-fostering techniques to be used when a piglet begins to fall behind. Our PIC technical experts will share the reasons to cross foster and explain what sows make the best nurse sows.

ProConnect Video 11 | Body Condition Management Practices

This video highlights the important role of body condition management and the most important areas to implement successfully.

ProConnect Video 12 | Udder Training & Split Suckling

This video explains why udder training is important to ensure that the piglets that do not get to the udder after birth will be able to find a teat to latch on.