Introducing the On-Farm Sow Feeding Implementation Tools

Successfully implementing a sow feeding program in a pork production system requires collaborative efforts from multiple teams.

Focus on these critical points:

  • A well-designed sow feeding program
  • Effective communication throughout the pork production system
  • Periodically evaluate sow feeding program implementation
  • Dietary nutrient specifications and the feeding program match to meet nutrient requirements

PIC has developed a series of tools to facilitate sow feeding program implementation by helping pork producers address the aforementioned points more easily and efficiently. Click below to see these tools and download for use to support sow productivity on your farm.

PIC Sow Feeding Program Implementation Tool

Goal: Generate a customized sow feeding program and facilitate its implementation to maximize sow productivity


  • Applicable to sow farms using both individual stalls and group sow housing systems
  • Minimum amount of information to input
  • Generate a visualized sow feeding program that is customized based on given information
  • Key checkups of sow body condition management are also provided
  • Poster printout available to help employees with implementation

PIC Sow Body Condition Tracking Tool

Goal: Monitor sow herd body condition changes throughout gestation and evaluate body condition management visually


  • Simple data input using the sow body condition score records from each calendar week
  • Provide various ways to visualize sow body condition management
    • Sow herd body condition status for each week
    • Body condition of the same group of sows at each time point throughout gestation
    • Visualize the changes of body condition distribution throughout gestation
  • Enforces timely identification of sow body condition risks

PIC Feed Box Calibration Tool

Goal: Ensure that the gestation feed box settings correspond with the amount of feed that should be dropped


  • Provide straightforward and deliberate procedures to collect data for calibration
  • Simple data input and all calculations done automatically
  • Concise output giving clear directions for calibrating feed box settings
  • A PDF report can be printed out to facilitate calibration in the barn

PIC Dynamic feeding program for PIC females

Goal: Provide feeding recommendations and the corresponding nutrient specifications for PIC maternal dam lines throughout production. Aid producers in their nutrition/feeding program decision-making process considering productivity and profitability outcomes.


  • A web-based tool that contains a user-friendly interface and flexible accessibility
  • Available in Metric and Imperial and Me or NE energy systems
  • Many farms already collect required information, and default inputs are provided if data is unavailable for collection
  • Customized feeding program and dietary nutrient level suggestions
  • Estimates sow productivity and profitability differences with current against PIC recommended feeding program
  • A comprehensive PDF report can be printed out to keep all information together

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