Biosecurity Training Videos – English

Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Use these videos to train others or refresh your biosecurity knowledge and avoid biosecurity breakdowns. At PIC, the primary focus of our Health Assurance team is to maintain high health status of the PIC system, to protect our customers’ herds, and share our knowledge with the industry.

Biosecurity Video 1 | Before Entering the Farm

This video reviews all processes and protocols they should follow prior to going on site. It includes instructions on how to fill out a visitor request form, ensuring proper downtime, explaining what constitutes pig contact, and what should be done to prepare for a farm site visit.

Biosecurity Video 2 | Entering the Farm

The video shows visitors how to properly follow farm site entry procedures and protocols. This video also specifically details the shower entry and exit process.

Biosecurity Video 3 | Clean/Dirty Line

The video explains the concept of perimeter and how the clean/dirty line defines that perimeter. It also specifically details how the clean/dirty line is essential to maintaining biosecurity and how it should be respected and followed at all times.

Biosecurity Video 4 | Disinfection Process, Equipment and Supply Entry

This video explains the processes and protocols that must be followed to enter supplies and equipment into the farm. The video outlines the requirements for different disinfection and entry methods for these items. These processes must be followed to prevent indirect transmission of infectious agents into the herd.

Biosecurity Video 5 | Mortality Management

This video explains the processes and protocols that must be followed to remove mortality from the site and how to dispose of it properly. It also outlines which types of mortality disposal are acceptable to the BioShield Biosecurity Standards.

Biosecurity Video 6 | Waste Management

This video explains the proper and biosecure way to handle, transport, and spread manure. It is important that these processes be in accordance with local government and state regulations to protect the biosecurity of our farms and the local environment.

Biosecurity Video 7 | Feed Biosecurity

This video showcases the many processes that must be followed to ensure feed is biosecurity produced and distributed to the farm. Feed is a critical input for the farm, but it can also highlight a critical risk for pathogen entry as well.

Biosecurity Video 8 | Pig Transport: Before Loading

The video shows the biosecurity requirements of having a truck/tractor cleaning, disinfecting, and drying protocol. It outlines how these processes should be performed to ensure a clean & dry trailer that will be used to load pigs.

Biosecurity Video 9 | Pig Transport: Loading and Unloading Pigs

This video outlines the proper processes of loading pigs onto a tractor-trailer. It outlines the requirements for a biosecurity constructed chute as well as how to load pigs in a staged process to prevent pathogen transmission into the farm from the tractor-trailer.

Biosecurity Video 10 | Pest Control

This video outlines the proper pest control processes that should be in place to prevent vermin entry into and around the farm. Vermin are a high source of disease spread and following these processes will help prevent pathogen entry into the site.