Your Success, Our Mission

At PIC, we’re driven by one mission: Your success. We’re committed to being more than just your genetics provider – we’re your dedicated partner in achieving your goals.  

We offer the most elite products, which set the standard for value and performance in the industry. Backed by our world-class technical services team and continuous innovation, we’re here to maximize your success. 

We improve the performance of our pigs by combining advanced science with a practical understanding of the pig’s biology and the needs of producers. Through harnessing the power of technology and innovation, we can address industry challenges and accelerate the rate of genetic gain.

Your success starts with genetics capable of real results that translate into economic returns. Not just once, but over and over – predictably and consistently.

Our job is to understand your unique production goals and help you achieve them. We listen, discuss and share knowledge and resources, so you’ve got what you need to get the most value from your genetic investment.

PIC’s ProSelect provides clear standards, robust training, and continuous re-certification, all designed to ensure consistency in selection across the production system.  ProSelect ensures that our customers receive a quality product that both they and PIC can be proud of.