All PIC sire lines are selected based on the total economic value their market pigs will contribute to the pork production chain.

  • Robustness
  • Efficient lean growth
  • Carcass quality

Below are our top-selling PIC products. For questions about these products or other products that are regionally available, please contact your Key Account Manager.


Our PIC®800 is the ideal terminal sire for packers who want a Duroc with outstanding pork quality and leading primal yield, while providing producers the Duroc sire with the lowest production cost available.

• High carcass value
• Most full-value pigs marketed
• Outstanding pork quality


Our PIC®337 is the best choice for producers who want to utilize a superior product with exceptional lean gain and efficiency at heavy weights.

• Lean gain efficiency
• Reduced days to slaughter
• Superior feed conversion
• Excellent heavy weight performance


Our PIC®359 is the best choice for producers who want predictable and robust lean growth and balanced total profitability from weaning through market.

• Excellent feed conversion at heavy weights
• Excellent lean gain efficiency
• High livability


Our PIC®327 is the best choice for producers who want predictable and robust performance as well as exceptional efficiency and leanness at heavy weights.

• Excellent lean gain at heavy weights
• Excellent feed efficiency
• Robust growth


Our PIC®408 is the best choice for weaner and feeder pig producers, as well as finishing farmers who want to improve the total economy of their operations.

• Faster and more robust growth
• Smooth and unproblematic finishing
• More vital piglets


Our PIC®410 is a great choice for producers who want to experience exceptional primal yields and robustness with a strong emphasis on total profitability. An excellent sire for producers selling to a conformation-conscious market.

• Robust durability
• Excellent conformation
• High throughput and profitability