Wean-to-Finish: Managing Onsite Pathogens – Episode 40

25-minute listen

The Squeal 0040 – Wean To Finish Health Status, Part 2: Managing On-site Pathogens The Squeal

Part II of III: Early containment is an essential first step in managing onsite pathogens. Does your team have the information and tools needed for early containment?

During this episode, Dr. Joe Conner, Carthage Veterinary Service; Dr. Deanne Hemker, PIC health assurance veterinarian, and Dr. Will Lopez, PIC Technical Services wean-to-finish specialist, share advice about how to help your team identify and limit the spread of pathogens, and why doing so is so important to raising healthy pigs. They also discuss disease surveillance tools and technology, as well as team training and immunity management.