Health Assurance Portal


Shortcuts to PIC Health Assurance technology platforms used for accessing health, diagnostic, assessment and biosecurity functions and information for the multiplication system. Click on the image for access.

PIC Health Hub

This proprietary PIC tool allows access to PIC farm profiles which include monthly herd reports and required assessments as well as pertinent health information.


This PIC tool facilitates and supports communication between the herd veterinarian and the customer veterinarian regarding herd health, biosecurity, diagnostics, etc.


This third-party tool allows authorized users to securely download required assessments into a PIC database.

Farm Visit App

This PIC tool supports the visitor entry application process for farms within North America.

This GlobalVetLink product, LabLINK HIMS, stores diagnostic data and has the capabilities to analyze and manage that data.

Reference Materials

Access to useful documents and information related to Health Assurance. Click on the image for access.

Health Assurance Library

This PIC tool contains documents encompassing biosecurity, surveillance, and other useful resources.