On The Road with PIC 2023

Learn How Wean-to-Finish Caretakers are Helping Reduce Feed Costs & Mortality

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

at 11:30 AM CST

Many factors go into feed cost and feed efficiency. The challenge is knowing how much each factor impacts the cost of production and control over those factors. 

During this session, we will focus on factors with a high impact on feed costs and within the control of caretakers in wean-to-finish barns. You’ll leave this session with an action plan to improve feed efficiency in your barn. 

What about mortality? How does mortality impact feed cost and efficiency? We’ll cover how morality at different stages impacts production costs and a proven approach to control mortalities in your wean-to-finish barns. 

Session Speakers

Nat Stas
Technical Services Manager, PIC

Nat Stas serves as a Technical Services Manager for PIC, specializing in wean-to-finish and early pig care. His swine industry experience includes production, research and academia. Nat received his Bachelor’s Degree in animal science from Pennsylvania State University and his Master’s Degree in animal science at the University of Illinois, focusing on swine genetics and reproduction.

Will Lopez
Technical Services Specialist, PIC

Will Lopez, DVM, is a Technical Services Specialist on the wean-to-finish team. He obtained his veterinary medical degree in Venezuela in 2006 and worked with poultry operations managing health and production. He has worked exclusively with swine since 2011 as a production manager in Mexico and Russia before obtaining his Doctorate in population sciences from Iowa State University in 2020,  focused on strategies for PRRSV surveillance and control. 

Rebecca Robbins, DVM
Health Assurance Veterinarian, PIC

Rebecca Robbins, DVM, is a Health Assurance Veterinarian for PIC. She is a mom, veterinarian and swine industry professional with 13 years of post-graduate experience. Previously, Rebecca supported veterinary services for two of the world’s largest integrated pork production companies and advised the applied research and development team. She earned her Bachelor’s, Veterinary Medicine and Doctorate degrees from North Carolina State University. Her doctoral degree emphasis was in population medicine and veterinary public health, focusing on antimicrobial stewardship in pork production. Rebecca is a past recipient of the Allen D. Leman Science in Practice award.


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