PIC Birchwood

Providing the most advanced genetics

At PIC, we’re committed to providing our customers the most advanced swine genetics today and investing for the needs of tomorrow. PIC Birchwood combines the genetic improvement from PIC and effective dissemination through Birchwood Genetics’ semen delivery network. Together, we are expanding our reach to provide producers with the best in realized genetic gain.

In 2000, Birchwood Genetics began offering PIC genetics and grew to include locations in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Their Eastern Corn Belt footprint allows for product distribution in a five-state area with same-day and overnight delivery services.

For decades, Birchwood Genetics has focused on providing continual genetic improvement, high health and unrivaled service. This continues today, as PIC Birchwood.

Providing producers with the most advanced terminal and maternal genetics remains the core of PIC Birchwood. We’re committed to investing in genetic improvement and innovation for tomorrow.

Contact PIC Birchwood

  • Mailing address: PO Box 137, 465 Stephens Road, West Manchester, OH 45382
  • Call us at: 800.523.2536
  • Email us at: Birchwood.info@genusplc.com