Achieve Success with Predictability, Expert Support and Innovation

Variability is the only constant in pork production these days. Still, with predictable and proven genetics, an expert support team and innovative solutions, you can be in the driver’s seat of your success.  

Our ultimate goal is your success. We base every decision we make on how it impacts you. That starts with providing genetics capable of real results that translate into economic returns. Not just once, but over and over – predictably and consistently.  

Assisting you in reaching success is an experienced and motivated PIC team ensuring you’ve got what you need. We listen, discuss, and share our knowledge and resources, so you get the most value from your genetic investment. 

We Never Stop Improving. We address current challenges through applied research to maximize economic return and optimize production. Behind the scenes, we are constantly evaluating, exploring, and developing the next innovation to move you and the industry forward.