Basic Concepts in Nursery Pig Nutrition – Episode 20

21-minute listen

The Squeal 0020 – Nursery Pig Nutrition, Part 1: Basic Concepts The Squeal

Part I of II: Nursery pigs face several physical changes and a steep learning curve in a short time. This episode of The Squeal explores improving wean-to-finish pig access to nutrition. Learn about what you can do to make the transition from sow’s milk to a dry diet go more smoothly while keeping an eye on feed allocation and timely delivery.

Learn what Kyle Coble, JBS Live Pork; Amanda Gerhart, JBS Live Pork; Wayne Cast, PIC nutritionist, and Isaiah Spath, PIC product validation and wean-to-finish technical services, suggest to cost-effectively help nursery pigs transition to a dry diet while keeping nursery nutrition programs operating at peak efficiency.