Check out our first season of The Squeal, PIC’s podcast where industry leaders and PIC technical experts discuss the most current pork production topics.

The Squeal, Episode 1

Meat Quality: In this episode on meat quality, Collette Kaster of Kaster Solutions and PIC Meat Scientists Dr. Neal Matthews and Brandon Fields offer viewpoints on management and technology.

The Squeal, Episode 2

Gilt Selection: In this episode on the importance of gilt selection, Dr. Ken Stalder (Swine Genetics Specialist, Iowa State University), Malcolm Turley (PIC GTC Supply Account Manager), and Marlon Tafs (PIC Quality Assurance Manager) discuss ways to best set up the gilt selection operating environment, employee training, and evaluation criteria.

The Squeal, Episode 3

Ventilation: In this episode Lance Barton (Belstra Milling Director of Wean-to-Finish and Genetic Services), Fernando Gomez (PIC Technical Services Wean-to-Finish Manager) and Nat Stas (PIC Wean-to-Finish Specialist) discuss best practices on managing ventilation in order to maximize performance.

The Squeal, Episode 4

Biosecurity: In this episode Dr. Joel Nerem (Pipestone Veterinary Services), Dr. Andrea Pitkin (PIC-Health Assurance) and Dr. Jess Waddell (PIC-Health Assurance) discuss how to create a biosecurity culture within your organization.